Welcome to Sharon's Meeting Place

A fun place to meet, converse, learn, and share.

About Me

Join Sharon Bachman, owner of Body, Mind, & Soul Support Solutions and  7 Diamond Dog Training and Animal Services, in this space devoted to helping people and dogs become the best version of themselves. 

What's Inside?

Sharon's Meeting Place provides a private location for a community of people to engage in:

  • Conversations & sharing in a dedicated, ad-free environment
  • Engaging online courses on topics like Basic Dog Obedience and Health & Wellness, with weekly synchronous sessions. 
  • Pop-Up Sessions focused on special topics.
  • Premium private Communities: the Health & Wellness Community and the Dog People Community
  • Special events, webinars, interviews
  • Guest workshops 

Why Join?

I am lucky to have a local and regional network of friends and family who sustain, challenge, and entertain me. We value health, wellness, and thrive from the relationships with the animals in our lives. 

Sharon's Meeting Place allows me to bring my friends, family, and potential new, heart-minded friends into one online space to discuss topics and engage in learning about the topics that are central to our lives.  The content in Sharon's Meeting Place is constantly evolving and growing.  I'd love for you to be a part of it and to join me in my journey.